Do you feel like you’re missing out on new business or a broader customer base?

Many small to medium sized business owners suffer from a lack of online presence. Many opt for just using social media to satisfy their online customers. Social media is a powerful tool but, to optimise its effectiveness, it should be combined with a strong and well designed website. When all is said and done you want to allow for the broadest possible customer base to be contacting you, purchasing your product or paying for your service.

Good website design can turn a potential customer into one that buys your product, uses your service or can simply open up a dialogue. To understand what a strong web presence can do for your business you need to establish the routes that a customer can follow to earn you money.

One of the key ways to encourage new business is to open up a dialogue with a potential customer or client. While social media is a great way to do it, not everyone will want to take that path. With your own website you can encourage people to get in touch through contact forms, live chat, email or social media. This lets the user follow the path of least resistance for them and start interacting with your business. While some of these options may sound a little time consuming, there are many tools that allow you to manage these with minimal time and effort.

Websites also offer a perfect platform to inform your potential clients about what you do and what you can offer. This may sound obvious, but far too often sites can omit this information. Another key part of this is providing factual information about your business; opening times, contact number and location are common bits of information that people want to be able to find quickly. A well built site will feed this information to other services, boosting your search engine visibility and improving customer accessibility.

Finally, e-commerce can be a vital tool for small businesses. Often overlooked due to the perceived cost of building and maintaining, an e-commerce platform could open up a whole new revenue stream and allow customers to buy pay for your product or service with just a few clicks. Contrary to perception a custom website with e-commerce capabilities can be build cheaply, quickly and, with just a little bit of training, maintained easily.

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